Lighting your smoker

Lighting Charcoal In Ugly Drum Smoker Tips

There are multiple ways to lighting your smoker. some ways work particularly better than others depending on the type of cook you wish to do

Fire starters directly in your basket

There are many brands of fire starters, they all work but some will leave a tainted smell of kerosene in your cook. Thus it is crucial you find a brand of fire starters that leave no fuel smell.

Fill your basket with charcoal and place into your smoker

Place in 1-2 fire starters together down the cracks of the charcoal and set alight.

This method is a slow “organic” way to light your charcoal that is good for low and slow cooks as you have more control as to how hot your charcoal gets prior to your cook.

Ignite the fire starters

Electric fire starters

these are an extremely effective way to start your fires. applying agressive heat and airflow directly onto your charcoal these can have your chacoal lit and to temperature in the matter of  a few minutes. there are many brands available now and perform as equal as each other.

Fill your charcoal basket up as required.

Plug in your electric fire starter.

Press the power button and heat the charcoal as required. once the charcoal is addequetely lit, set your smoker up as required.

This method of lighting your charcoal often casues the charcoal to crack and spit so be mindfull and carefull around the fire as it flares .

Using a heat gun to light the charcoal

Chimneys and Tornados

These are very handy tools that rapidly increase the rate of which your charcoal lights. maximizing airflow and heat from the base, these tools funnel the heat through your charcoal making a fast ignition.

The “Con” to using chimneys and tornados is that it adds an element of risk when handling an amount of lit charcoal .

Fill your basket 3/4 full with charcoal and place into your smoker

Fill your chimney to the brim with charcoal. either place your chimney over a gas burner or using firelighters ignite the charcoal from the bottom. once the charcoal is lit allow the natural heat and airflow to light the remaining charcoal in the chimney, this may take 10-15minutes

Once the charcoal is glowing pour the chimney over the charcoal in the basket and set your racks as required.


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